The Ungku Aziz Centre for Development Studies, previously known as the Centre for Poverty and Development Studies (CPDS), is created to facilitate the activities of The Royal Professor Ungku Aziz Chair (RPUAC). The RPUA Chair was established at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya to honor the contributions of Professor Ungku Aziz in the field of education and economic development especially rural development and poverty. Since 2016, the Centre has undertaken steps to develop and further expand the field of development studies to reflect its interdisciplinary nature, to attract a wider participation, to engage young minds and to go beyond a mono-disciplinary approach to development. The defining pillars of the Ungku Aziz Centre for Development Studies represents the Centre’s evolution and the dynamism of the field of study.


In 1991, Malaysia established a national goal of becoming a fully developed nation by 2020 economically, politically, socially, spiritually, psychologically and culturally (6 MP, 1991-1995). The roadmap to achieve this ambition is embodied in different policy instruments, and in the recently launched 11th Malaysian plan (11MP, 2016-2020), with the theme of “growth anchored in people” for a socially inclusive society.


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Dr. Dominique Van De Walle

The Royal Professor Ungku
Aziz Chair

Professor Dr. Martin Ravallion
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Dr. Dominique Van De Walle
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“Competing Paradigms: Capitalist vs Islamic Financial System in Mitigating Crisis” by Dr. Asmak Ab Rahman & Dr. Nurul Aini Muhamed

“Economics of Climate Change: Global to ASEAN and Malaysian Perspective” by Dr. Rawshan Ara Begum


1. Seminar on “Reconstruction of Poverty Line Index: Will Multidimensional Index Provide the Alternative?” (17th October 2019, 12.30pm-2.00pm)

2. Training The Trainers: Survey Based-Research Methods/Field Studies

3. Creating Public Goods: Ensuring Data Access

4. Advocacy: Redefining Malaysia’s Poverty Line


Seminar on: “Islamic Finance As Worship” (31st July 2019, 12.30pm-2.00pm)

Research Pillars

At the time of its establishment, five (5) initial research pillars were identified namely, Poverty, Development, Income Distribution, Ethnic Relations and Employment. Since then, the Centre has developed new research directions anchored by ten (10) Research Pillars:


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Application For CPDS Research Grant (CPDSRG) 2018/2019
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Ungku Aziz Centre for Development Studies (previously known as Centre for Poverty and Development Studies) was set up at Faculty of Economics & Administration, University of Malaya as a reference point for academic work, research and consultancy for poverty and rural development serving the academic community, the general public, policy makers and the international community.

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