Rethinking Poverty & Development Series 2019: “Competing Paradigms: Capitalist vs Islamic Financial System in Mitigating Crisis”

23rd April 2019

Seminar on “Economics of Climate Change: Global to ASEAN and Malaysian Perspective” by Dr. Rawshan Ara Begum

20th March 2019

Public Lecture on “Income Inequality: Challenges for Measurement and Policy” by Professor Dr. Martin Ravallion

29th January 2019

Informal Discussion with Professor Martin Ravallion and Dr. Dominique Van De Walle

25th January 2019

Lecture Series on Development Studies entitled “Are Poor Individuals Mainly Found in Poor Households?” by Dr. Dominique Van De Walle

23rd January 2019

Research Lunch

17th January 2019

Lecture Series on Development Studies entitled “Nutrition, Religion, and Widowhood” by Dr. Dominique Van De Walle

16th January 2019

Ungku Aziz National Stakeholder Roundtable 2019 entitled “Revisiting Poverty Measurement” by Professor Dr. Martin Ravallion

10th January 2019

Lecture Series on Development Studies entitled “Marital Shocks and Women’s Welfare” by Dr. Dominique Van De Walle

8th January 2019

Ungku Aziz Research Grant 2017/2018 Workshop

20th December 2018

Welcoming Lunch in Conjunction With The Visit of Professor Dr. Martin Ravallion and Dr. Dominique Van De Walle

18th December 2018

Seminar on “Natural Disasters VS. Socio-Economic-Political Disasters” by Dr. Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada

4th december 2018

Seminar on “An Integrated Management Policy Framework for Sustainable Community Development and Conservation of Marine Resources” by Dr. Muhammad Mehedi Masud

22nd October 2018

Seminar on “Quantifying the Managerial Ability of Microfinance Institutions: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis” by Dr. B M Hasanul Banna 

7th August 2018

Rethinking Poverty & Development Series 2017 on “Mining The Millionaire Minds: Malaysian Millennials & Entrepreneurship” 

12th December 2017

Seminar on “Foreign Labour Policy and Labour Demand in Manufacturing: The Case of Malaysia” by Associate Professor Dr. Evelyn S. Devadason

3rd August 2017

Seminar on “Preference Constraint for Sustainable Development by Professor Dr. Ken-Ichi Akao

14th March 2017

CPDS National Stakeholder Roundtable 2017 on “Beyond Poverty: Becoming a Developed Nation

9th March 2017

Seminar on Is Poverty Reduction Part of The Gross City Internal Product (GCIP)?” by Dr. Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada

19th January 2017

Seminar on “Migrants, Rights, and Health Security in Southeast Asia” by Dr. Chan Chee Khoon

17th October 2016

Seminar on “Current Realities in Political Economy: Managing Capatalism” by Dr. Elsa Lafaye de Micheaux

25th July 2016

Forum on ”The Pacific Alliance: Latin America-Malaysia Business Prospects”

26th  May 2016

Seminar on “Malaysian Classroom Educational Practices: A Bird’s Eye View”
9th March 2016

Seminar on “The Strategy of the International University Network on Cultural and Biological Diversity (IUNCBD)”

by Prof. Pierluigi Bozzi

7th March 2016

Dialogue on The Eleventh Malaysia Plan 2015-2020 and Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025

“The Enterprising Nation: Education for Development”

28th January 2016

Public Lecture on “Contradictions of Economics Development: A Close Look at The Plight of The Vanishing Sea Gypsies in Iskandar Malaysia” by YBhg. Datin Paduka Prof. Dr. Jamilah Ariffin
25th November 2015
Public Lecture on “Size Matters: Why Is It So Small, and How to Enlarge It. The Middle Class.” by YBhg. Tan Sri Professor Datuk Dr. Kamal Salih
4th March 2015